From the Publisher January 2023


Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!

There’s something about that wish – three words full of so much meaning. For some, it means the beginning of an exciting new journey or milestone. For others, it is a welcome change from a year filled with struggle and brings hope for happier times ahead.

In 2022, citizens of Greater Flint felt great loss with the passing of several beloved community leaders – most recently Bryant “BB” Nolden, whom we’ve featured in our publication several times as he contributed so much to the city he loved.

A New Year is always a time for reflection and a “look back.” Once again, we are highlighting many of the memorable stories we shared with you – maybe you missed a few.

The look back on our 2022 content is an excellent example of the variety we offer our readers every month. This issue has inspiring pieces about community outreach, a great “comeback” sports story, a feature on a local artist with a Flint history many of you may know, and a super-motivated kid who had a big idea and … you can read about this young entrepreneur in the “My Story” feature.

I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs having founded, owned and operated several local businesses – one for over four decades – of which I’m extremely proud. The Skaff family, on the other hand, has been doing business in Flint for 112 years which is truly outstanding! Skaff Furniture Carpet One belongs to a group of Greater Flint businesses that have adapted, evolved and continued to thrive through three generations.

Also in this issue, we feature the Retired Men’s Fellowship of Greater Flint – this sounds like a pretty cool club and they’ve been meeting (and much more) for 60 years. And, our special “Senior Living” section has some great information from local experts.

Finally, our “Best Dressed” feature is back! This group of Greater Flint professionals showed up with great style and class. We thank them for taking the time, as well as Todd Slisher and the Sloan Museum of Discovery for allowing us to take photos in their fantastic facility. Enjoy!

Let’s begin this New Year with positive energy and prayers for peace and prosperity.



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