Fab Flooring


Thinking about pulling up that old, floral-print carpet in the bedroom or replacing the laminate flooring in your living room just for a change? Luxury vinyl tile is one beautiful option that many people are turning toward.

“This trend is really impacting the ceramic market,” says Tim Look, owner of Lifestyles Flooring & Design in Flint. “Five years ago, everyone was buying laminate flooring. That material is not water-friendly, whereas the luxury vinyl tile is waterproof.”

flooring-2Luxury vinyl tile comes in a multitude of attractive styles including some that resemble rustic or vintage wood grain, large-plank hardwood, tile and even stone. Increasingly popular shades include dark and medium browns and grays.

A Flint native with 35 years of experience in the flooring industry, Tim operates his business by appointment only, bringing carpet and flooring samples to customers’ homes. “I give them a showroom experience at home and show them options in color and textures,” he said. “I see their décor style and get a sense of who they are. It’s convenient and that’s what people like today.”

Since the economy’s downturn, Tim says he’s noticed more people opting to redesign and redecorate their current homes and replace older flooring and carpet. They’re willing to spend more on good quality products, and there are a lot of affordable options, too.

“We’ve been installing more carpet alternatives,” Tim said. “In the ‘80s it wasn’t uncommon for people to carpet everywhere, even their kitchens. Now, hardwood has taken over in areas typicflooring-3ally reserved for carpet.” He still recommends carpeting bedrooms because it just feels good to put your feet on soft carpet when you get out of bed in the morning.

Another trend really taking off is commercial carpet tile. It’s been available since the ‘50s but the modern designs manufactured today seem endless with interesting patterns of lines or squares instead of traditional flowers or vines. Such subtle designs at your feet can add to a room’s ambience or give it an upscale look. People also like the ease of replacing individual tiles as they wear out rather than removing the whole carpet at once. Commercial carpet tile looks great in home offices and rec rooms.

“People are getting bolder in their design choices,” Tim said. “Ten years ago they were looking for beige and now they say, ‘I want something different.’”

If you’re thinking about replacing flooring or carpet in your home this spring, or redecorating an entire room, take some time to shop several stores and get a variety of ideas. Buying it all in one day might save time, but the experience will be more enjoyable if you take some time to piece your room together creatively and maybe even incorporate some bold flooring colors and patterns.

Tim advises shoppers to ignore sales gimmicks and just get some ideas. “Take your time with it,” he said. “Just go out, have fun, and see what’s new and different.”


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