Exotic Animals at the Genesee Valley Mall!


For all the animal lovers out there, this weekend the Genesee Valley Mall will host FARE – Foundation for Animal Rescue & Education. In their amazing, indoor, educational event, attendees will meet over 30 live animals including a sloth, porcupine, armadillo, ferrets, bunnies, opossum, snakes, tarantulas, tortoises, lizards, frogs and many more! This event also includes fun and unique, hands-on animal educational programs that rotate every 45 minutes. The educational programs teach attendees about reptiles & invertebrates in one session and mammals in another. Some feature animals only come out during the educational presentations so you’ll want to be in attendance for both!

The event takes place on Saturday, November 9 from 10am-5pm; and Sunday, November 10 from 10am to 5pm. Tickets are available at the door or may be purchased online at https://fare.wlt.ca/en/pages/flint?fbclid=IwAR0oBsaS8IBgcxk8R4WqNZU-XAmpV-An8dOtbzOSaIIX-5Trd3kRnyvS6zg

Animals in this event come from Little Ray’s Nature Center which is one of the largest exotic animal rescues in North America. Little Ray’s provides sanctuary for hundreds of seized and unwanted pets until the best long-term solutions are found. Animals included in the program are not taken from the wild and if an animal is able to be released back into the wild, they will be 100% of the time. Some animals that are appropriate for the program are utilized to promote responsible pet ownership in a fun and educational manner.



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