Design Trend Bright Colors are Trending at Linden Kitchen & Bath


Vibrant, bright colors are trending at Linden Kitchen & Bath for 2020 home remodelers, according to Michelle Robins, third-generation owner of the 74-year-old business. “Color is coming in with a vengeance – orange, pink, blues and greens – just bright colors!” she exclaims.

Linden Kitchen & Bath (formerly Linden Sash & Door) was originally opened by Robins’ grandfather, Richard Robins, when he started fixing window sashes and doors after he got out of the service. “We now specialize in high-end kitchen and bath remodels,” the owner shares. When her parents ran the business, Robins’ mother took it to a whole new level by adding the design aspect.

Robins purchased the business from her parents 18 years ago, starting out with just one assistant. It has grown to now include a staff of nine people. She is proud that most of their products are made in the USA and the cabinet companies they work with are all small, family-owned businesses. It has become a destination for all things needed for kitchen or bath renovation – from cabinets and hardware to backsplashes, countertops, lighting, vanities, sinks, faucets and more. “We will do as much or as little as you want us to. We can supply the cabinetry or run the entire project,” Robins reports. “We help people pull it together. The difference is in the details.”

Another trend at Linden Kitchen & Bath is brightly-colored cabinetry with a modern, sleek design and an accent color. They are also seeing an uptick in the use of mixed finishes (i.e. an island in one color and upper cabinetry in another) and appliances in something other than stainless steel, Robins adds. “Tile is another great way to bring in color.”

Next year, Linden Kitchen & Bath will celebrate its 75th anniversary, and the City of Linden will be celebrating 150 years. “I’m very excited,” says Robins. “We are proud of our history. It is my family’s name.”

Linden Kitchen & Bath is located at 1002 N. Bridge Street, in Linden. For more information, call 810.735.7846 or visit


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