Dawn of the Dinosaurs! New Dino Exhibit at Sloan Museum



Dinosaurs are big, scary, and extinct; they do what they want and they leave really cool skeletons! Kids and adults who love dinosaurs will be happy to know that the Dinosaur Exhibit has returned to the Sloan Museum to remain until January 12, 2014. According to Sloan Marketing Manager Cathy Gentry, dinosaurs are popular because they appeal to a wide range of people. “Obviously, kids love them, but adults love them too!” she exclaimed. And the dinosaurs in this new exhibit don’t just LOOK like real dinosaurs, they BEHAVE like real dinosaurs, she added.

“The Dinosaur Exhibit is by far our most popular,” says Cathy. “We’ve received lots of phone calls; people are really excited about it.” Along with seven life-like dinosaurs, the Sloan Museum offers various dinosaur-themed programs to entertain and educate. Dinosaur lovers can explore the Earth during the Cretaceous period through hands-on activities and interactive displays that encourage them to look, listen and discover more about these fascinating creatures who once ruled the world. One of the programs is Dino-stories, during which youngsters can enjoy Dinosaur Story Time followed by a dinosaur-themed craft activity. The Discover Dinosaur program at Longway Planetarium, teaches kids about dinosaur life cycles while they enjoy making a nest and eggs. They can also play the Dinosaur Name Game while learning how prehistoric reptiles got their names. A program about fossils allows kids to make a fossil model and dig through sediment to find real fossils that they can take home.

According to Cathy, school field trips to the Dinosaur exhibit are filling the museum during the week while many families enjoy visiting the exhibit on weekends. Week-day afternoons are a good time for people who would like to view the exhibit at a slower pace without
a large crowd. “Afternoons are the best,” she says. The dinosaurs on exhibit include the Albertosaurus, Euoplacephalus, Apatosaurus, Maiasaura, Pachycephalosaurus, Tenontosaurus, and Deinonychus.

Get over to the Sloan Museum and travel back in time to the world of prehistoric creatures! For more information about the programs, visit sloanlongway.org.


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