Celebrate Summersgiving!


Do you love summer in Michigan? Do you love Thanksgiving in November? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then you need Summersgiving in your life! It combines the best of sunshine and Thanksgiving in one neat little package and is the perfect excuse to throw a party with family and friends.

It all started in 2009 when Robert Solomon came up with a way to combine all the good food of Thanksgiving with the best days of summer. He gathered friends and family for a June BBQ that also featured turkey with all the fixings, and they drank cranberry martinis deep into the warm night. Summersgiving was born! In 2019, the impromptu summer holiday was made official and is observed annually on the Saturday after the Summer Solstice.

This year, National Summersgiving Day will be celebrated on Saturday, June 24. We can always use another summer holiday! Make it a day dedicated to your gratitude for life, family, friends and the fabulous days of summer (all too fleeting in our great state of Michigan). There’s no reason why the special foods of Thanksgiving get to be prepared and enjoyed but once a year. Twice is nice!
So, order that tent for shade. Set up tables and chairs underneath, ready some lawn games and send out the invitations. Bask in the beautiful weather of a Michigan summer as you laugh, talk and smile with those closest to you. Make sure to make a toast to the sun and its wonderful, life-giving light.

Happy Summersgiving from MCM!


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