Blueberry Ambassadors People’s Choice AwardVoting is Now Open!


Having started at 8am on April 10, voting is still going on until 11:59 pm on April 17 for you to vote for the school you believe is most-deserving to win $1,000 for having the best Blueberry Moment.

From showing love and appreciation to their school crossing guards to helping their grandparents decorate for the holidays to many other acts of kindness, students from all over Genesee County have made an impact one moment at a time. And with every moment they asked that the kindness to be passed along, that joy be brought to yet another person. This is what it’s all about to be a Blueberry Ambassador.

Every Blueberry Ambassador is required to share stories from three times they did an act of kindness and left a Blueberry Card behind. With all the hard work they have done and joy they have spread, it’s now time for the community to do its part. It’s time to vote for your favorite Blueberry moment.

The Blueberry Ambassador program, created by Flint businessman Phil Shaltz in 2013, is based off the idea of performing random acts of kindness for others. You can read My City Magazine’s past story on the Blueberry Ambassadors by clicking here.

“I don’t know the words or the picture that I can paint to adequately express how proud I am of them. It’s beyond pride. It’s enthusiasm. It’s all of those words,” Shaltz said. “We’re changing their DNA to make them feel safe and confident to do something nice for someone. Telling them is one thing. Exciting them to act is something completely different.”

You can vote for your favorite Blueberry Moment by clicking here. Voting is allowed once per hour.

The Blueberry Ambassadors 2016 Awards Ceremony is set to take place April 19 at the Riverfront Banquet Center. All Blueberry supporters are invited to attend.

You can also share the link on the “I’m Concerned About the Blueberries” Facebook page … or share your own story along with the poll.


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