Author Alexandria Nolan

Alexandria Nolan is a misplaced Michigander currently living in the wilds of the Houston urban jungle with her husband and two spoiled pets. She is a published novelist and contributor to various online and print publications, including a lifestyle blog, Greetings from Nolandia. When not writing, she can be found reading or traveling, or reading about traveling. 

My Travels

No Escape

Typically, we’d be traveling this time of year. Autumn is a favorite…

My Travels

Got Away

A getaway. That’s what we’ve been craving during the coronavirus craziness –…

My Travels lyubi /

Stay Home

Where do travel writers go when travel is closed? Nowhere, really. It’s…

My Travels

ExPat Life

People say, “it’s the little things.” And, it always is, isn’t it?…

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