A Healthier Downtown



The sparkling new Downtown Flint Health Center opened by Genesys on August 12 promises to make access to patient-centered care a reality for all Flint residents, especially students, the elderly, and the under-served. My City Magazine arrived at 420 S. Saginaw Street on a sunny afternoon to tour the new facility, which was conceived and completed “both on-time and on-budget,” Betsy Aderholdt, President and CEO of Genesys, proudly reported. The front entrance is mostly glass, to allow natural light to shine into the clinic, which will house programs most needed by the community: Internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, diabetes education, urgent care, and more.

Patient-centered care is not just hospital jargon at Genesys. Dr. Kenneth Steibel, a family practice doctor with Genesys, is a man you can trust with your life – literally. “I believe that as doctors, we need to focus on population care: growing old with our patients. When one of my patients comes to me with a problem, I can provide them with quality care because I know them; I know their family, their history, etc. I’m one of the few family doctors who still deliver babies, so sometimes I’ve even delivered these patients! We need more of this kind of this approach in the healthcare community, and that’s what we teach here.”

The goals behind the move are multi-faceted, says Cindy Ficorelli, Genesys Media Relations Manager. “We wanted to be more centrally located in order to reach a larger population. Our move from Beecher Road allows us to offer a large number of services in a single location that is accessible by public transportation!” she said. Aderholdt added that “in addition to helping us reach our internal goal to train our resident doctors in compassion – I like to call it an ‘Eds and Meds’ program – our move is contributing to the revitalization of Downtown. It doesn’t get any better than that.”


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