10 Things to do on Thanksgiving Weekend


For those that are lucky, this holiday season provides a little extra time and a sense of relaxation. How do we prolong our holiday after the big meal is over? Here are a few suggestions to seize this wonderful weekend.

  1. Put up the Christmas tree. I know the diehards already have theirs up but for most of us, Christmas begins when Thanksgiving ends. Take some time this holiday weekend to commit to the season of giving.
  2. Don’t forget the outdoor decorations. Get out the heavy coat, hat and gloves, and head outside to decorate. Now is the perfect time. Don’t wait too late, it’ll get colder and your neighbors will wonder why you’re such a Scrooge.
  3. Fill out your Christmas List and hit the stores. Whether its black Friday or a weekend jaunt, you’ll want to shop with a purpose. Have a list with some ideas for each and every person, that way there is a better chance that dad doesn’t get stuck with his third Billy Bass. Sure, it’s easier online but it just doesn’t feel like the holidays unless your out in the world.
  4. Take in a movie. This is one of the busiest weekends for theaters and a good way to keep the holiday festivities going. Movies available this weekend include “Knives Out,” “Frozen 2,” “Last Christmas,” “Midway,” “Ford vs. Ferrari,” and more.
  5. Curl up with a nice book. Have a book that you haven’t been able to get to. Well, you might have some extra time this weekend. Fill a mug of hot cocoa, grab a soft blanket and open those pages.
  6. Head on up to Dort Federal Event Center for a Firebirds game. This Saturday the Flint Firebirds take on the London Knights at 7pm and on Sunday the Sarnia Sting come to town for a 2pm game. The Firebirds are playing well this year and could use some hometown support.
  7. Call up a family member you haven’t seen in a while. Not everyone can make it to dinner and its easy to make someone’s day or holiday with a simple phone call. It would be a good time to catch up with that cousin you haven’t seen in years or maybe bury the hatchet with one that you just don’t see eye to eye. Remember, this holiday is all about family.
  8. Take a walk with your partner down one of the many trails in Genesee County. Weather permitting of course. Genesee offers some beautiful trails and if you are feeling spry, head outside for some fresh air. Soon enough it will be just too cold to do so. Take the time while you have it.
  9. Watch Davison take on Brighton in the Division 1 State final. Genesee has a football team in the State finals this weekend at 1pm. The game will be televised. Sit down over lunch and cheer on Davison as they go for their first State Championship.
  10. Relax and remember why we have the holiday. Take the time to think about all that you have and all that you wish. Make a plan for the new year and holiday season up ahead. Write it down, then just relax. You’ve earned it.


Have a happy Thanksgiving weekend from My City Magazine and thank you for reading.



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