You’re Not Getting Any Younger


5 Health Tips for Men Over 30

Let’s face it – for many of us the care-free, feel-good days of our youth are in the rear-view mirror. Our bones are starting to creak and pop a little, recovery is taking a little longer than we are used to, and we are starting to slow down. We are getting older and understandably, our bodies are beginning to show a little wear and tear, here and there.

As we continue to advance in years, we have to adjust to the natural aging process. To age gracefully and with full health, the sooner we make adjustments, the better.

Here are 5 tips for men to consider when they hit the big 3-Oh:


Where’s the Beef? Beginning at age 30, men begin to lose up to 5% of muscle mass per decade. Don’t sit idle! Continue (or start) to work on targeting muscle groups with exercise and couple with a cardio workout. Make sure to check and adjust your diet to include healthy proteins and healthy fats. Work to change your sleeping pattern to include at least eight hours every night.



Keep on Tickin’. The best way to ward off heart disease in later life is to work on it now. After age 30, bad cholesterol really starts to find purchase in our bodies and begins to build up. Again, work on a better diet and couple it with continued cardio exercise. Make sure to include Omega-3 fatty acids in your new diet and for crying out loud, stop smoking or vaping! (The time is now No excuses!)



Well, Hello Mr. Smarty-pants. You’ve been out of school for awhile so, when’s the last time you picked up a book or challenged your mind? If you don’t use it, you may lose it; so, use it. Work out your brain as well as your body by engaging in trivia, word puzzles, math puzzles and reading. Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiences. New things build new memories and your brain will be healthier for it in later years.



Drop the Can, Man! You’re not young anymore and those days of partying through all hours of the night without consequences the next day are over. Every muscle pain and headache you get after a long night is your body’s way of telling you to slow down. It’s time to be responsible with your drinking and practice moderation. Too much alcohol hurts your body in numerous ways and when your metabolism slows, those ways will start catching up to you. Make the adjustment now.



Eh … What’s Up, Doc? Regardless of how you feel, maintain your yearly checkup with your doctor. Checkups can help find serious problems before they start, especially testicular, prostate and colon cancers. Checkups are also needed for establishing a good baseline on vitamin levels, cholesterol levels and blood pressure. Once you have a baseline, you can adjust accordingly if needed. Also, go to the doctor when you are injured or sick for a longer-than-normal interval. The days of “walking-it-off” are gone – acknowledge that fact, take charge of your health and cruise toward 40 as a healthier you.


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