Valentine’s Day at Vogt’s Flowers

Did you know that between 8am and 5pm on Valentine’s Day, Vogt’s Flowers & Gifts makes a delivery every 30 seconds? Yes, February 14 is definitely the year’s busiest day at Vogt’s. Opened by Anton Vogt in Downtown Flint on Garland Street in 1919, it’s the city’s oldest flower shop. In the mid-1950s, the Krueger family became involved with the business when Dave Krueger became manager. Dave’s son, Kreg Krueger, joined the business in 1987 after receiving degrees in horticulture and business from Michigan State University. When Dave retired in 1996, Kreg and his wife, Cindy, purchased the business, which has grown to employ more than 50 people between five locations. “When I was in high school, I promised myself I’d never work in the family business,” laughed Kreg. But that changed after he served in the Marine Corp. and took the advice of his staff sergeant, who told not to miss out on a great opportunity back home. “It took being away from Flint to realize that I could have a wonderful life right here,” Kreg remembers. “Flint has been good to me.”

When My City Magazine visited the flower shop, preparations were underway for a bustling Valentine’s Day – the warehouse was full of flowers being processed. Eighty-five percent of the flowers Vogt’s uses are grown in Columbia and Ecuador, but they also use sources in Florida, Hawaii and Canada. The most popular flower is the rose, without question. On Valentine’s Day, Vogt’s will sell between 15,000 and 20,000 roses. Over 100 staff members will man the shops and at least 37 delivery drivers will drive all over town. Inside the warehouse, 18 floral designers prepare arrangements and place them in an area that is turned into a cooler for pre-delivery storage. While the number of Valentine’s Day pre-orders is impressive, robust walk-in sales make the day even crazier. “It’s quite the day,” laughs Kreg, “but we do a really nice job for our cash-and-carry customers, too. They don’t get the short end of the stick.”

Although Valentine’s Day is the busiest single day for Vogt’s, the week prior to Mother’s Day is their busiest week while December is the busiest month overall, says Kreg. Weddings however, are the mainstay of the business. “We work very hard to make sure that special day is perfect,” promises Kreg. At Vogt’s Court Street location, Anthony’s Market offers a Do It Yourself (DIY) Design Center. “You buy the flowers from us and use the DIY Design Center to create your own bouquet,” explained Kreg. “You can do it yourself for half the cost!” he exclaimed. This venue has become very popular for weddings, showers, fundraisers and special events.


“We use flowers that express a number of different emotions.”
Kreg Krueger

Vogt’s has followed advancements in technology and online flower sales. “We’re quite proud of the way we’ve kept up with the times,” boasts Kreg. The company is rated by FTD and Teleflora as one of the Top 100 florists out of 12,000 nationwide. As the go-to provider for a number of corporations in the area, Vogt’s has been the preferred florist for The Whiting for over 40 years, and also handles the floral needs of McLaren Hospital, Hurley Medical Center, Kettering University and U of M-Flint.

“It all comes down to customer service,” Kreg smiles. “We’re here to serve the needs of our customers and express their feelings with flowers on a daily basis.” He continues to nurture the business with advice his father gave to him many years ago. “Don’t forget what it says on the sign,” his father told him; “you are a florist.” Kreg says he’s proud of that. “I buy flowers. That’s what I do.” ♦

The Language of Rose Colors

flowers-9Red ……….Love & Romance
Pink ………Love, Gratitude & Appreciation
White …….Marriage, Purity, New Starts
Orange …..Enthusiasm & Passion
Yellow ……Friendship, Joy, Happiness
Peach …….Admiration & Modesty
Coral ……..Desire, Passion & Excitement

By the way… A bouquet of yellow roses with a single red rose
tells someone you would like to be more than
“just friends.”

Photography by Mike Naddeo


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