The End of Uncertainty?


This year has been a tough one in our United States. As we are bounced from one tragedy to another, the one true constant has been frustration. Frustration that things aren’t working. Frustration that we feel helpless. Frustration due to cancelled plans, missed friends and loved ones. And, frustration at the lack of answers. If only we had a specific date that we could look forward to, an end to the mayhem, then we might feel relieved. Once we know how things are going to change, we can prepare and adapt.

You will be happy to know that Genesee County is figuring it out. From colleges to entertainment venues, plans for the future are being made. The Flint DDA has been great at letting us know which eateries are open and what rules they have for outdoor/indoor dining, of dates for upcoming socially-distanced happenings and more. Visit their Facebook page for updates.

If you are an art patron, Buckham Gallery and the Flint Institute of Arts are open with safety protocols in place. Masks and social distancing are mandatory at both venues. At FIA, temperature checks are required of all visitors.

Sloan Museum at Courtland Center is open with capacity limited to 50 visitors. It is recommended that tickets be purchased early for each ticket time. Open ticket times are Wed.-Sun., 12-2pm and 3-5pm. (Sloan is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.) At Longway, shows have opened to the public with seating limited to 20 persons. Again, it is recommended that tickets be purchased in advance and visitors must provide an email address for the purpose of COVID contact tracing. At both Sloan and Longway, masks and social distancing are mandatory.

The rest of the Flint Cultural Center will remain closed throughout the year with the exception of MacArthur Recital Hall as the FSPA Faculty Concert Series is set to resume in the fall for limited guests. The Whiting is set to resume performances in January 2021 and will announce the 2021 season later this summer. The Flint Symphony Orchestra is scheduled to perform its first concert of the 2021-2022 season on February 6, and the Flint Repertory Theatre is set to re-open on March 12, 2021.

Preparations are currently underway to open the Capitol Theatre later this summer for classic movie screenings for limited audiences.

For Greater Flint rock show enthusiasts, The Machine Shop and Flint Local 432 are still closed to the public, but upcoming concerts are being scheduled. Visit and for updates.

As we all continue to struggle with the stress of the health crisis and social upheaval, know that the Genesee County community is working to smoothly transition to a state of relative normalcy. Things will be different for a while; but as long as we rely on and respect one another, we will be okay. Greater Flint will get through it together. We always do.


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