Tasty Traditions


Homemade Bavarian-style sausage that is as tasty as it is traditional has made Kern’s Sausages synonymous with Frankenmuth.

Founded by Marcus Kern in 1949, his grandsons Ron and Kevin Kern continue the time-honored method of making the company’s 34 different sausages, frankfurters and other specialty meats. “Most people love our summer sausage and bratwurst,” said Kevin. “In fact, we just shipped 300 pounds of Bratwurst to the east coast for an Oktoberfest celebration!” In addition to its meat market and bakery, the store also features a variety of imported German foods and a wide selection of beers and wines. The quaint little market is located on Main Street – just look for the iconic “Sausage Man” billboard. ♦



For sausages that are as lean as they are delicious, try the wares at Willi’s Sausage Company. Founded 35 years ago by German immigrant and sausage-maker Willi Vecker, the shop boasts a selection of more than 100 varieties. Both traditional pork sausages and exotic flavors such as buffalo and venison are available, and owner Rob Holzhei says everything on the menu is top quality. “All of our sausage is made from picnic shoulder (the lower portion of the pig shoulder), which is 90 percent lean,” he commented, adding that quality also comes from doing things the right way. “We pay close attention to detail. My wife Cindy and I trained with Willi for a year and we also passed the Sausage and Processed Meats Short Course at Iowa State University,” Rob said. For a taste of what Willi’s Sausage Company has to offer, visitors are encouraged to stop by the shop, located at the top of the hill on Main Street, on the weekends for a free sample. ♦


Photography by Mike Naddeo




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