Stay Warm with Style!


The first snowflakes have fallen and the temps have dropped drastically; it’s safe to say winter is upon us! In our state, where winds can be blistering and it’s possible to be knee-deep in snow, bundling up is imperative for the whole family. Most days during the winter, warmth is our only concern; but how great is it to have outerwear and cold weather accessories that combine flare and function?

From fun floral prints and color-blocking to cool herringbone and classic retro silhouettes, the whole family can express their individual styles. And don’t forget the hats, scarves, and gloves! In your outerwear wardrobe, treat cold weather accessories like a necklace or earrings: the final touch to a complete look.



Kensie, Burlington – $60 Cat & Jack, Target – $8
Carter’s, Burlington – $30 Cat & Jack, Target – $13
Oshkosh, Burlington – $35 Mossimo, Target – $25
Rock Revival, Buckle – $105 Cat & Jack, Target – $13
C9 Champion, Target – $10 Mossimo, Target – $20



Photography by Eric Dutro


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