Slim Chiply and Paramount Potato Chips



Have you ever had a commercial jingle stuck in your head for days? One such jingle that comes to mind is “I’m Slim Chiply,” a catchy little song about Paramount Potato Chips, a Flint brand that was loved by many. Founded by Ed and Josephine Dewan in 1959, the company’s product line was made in a factory located off Dort Highway.

Printed on the potato chip bags (and red tins) was the iconic Slim Chiply, a grinning cartoon character shaped like a potato chip sporting a cowboy hat, boots and holster. The company’s catchy jingle promised the “Flavor Deputy” was protecting the freshness of every package of chips. The song was written by Mel Moss, a Paramount marketing employee, and the artwork was created by Dallas Oliver, who had also worked for the Walt Disney Company.

Paramount Potato Chips have been described as “the best potato chips ever made” and “Classic Flint,” and fans of the snacks were sad when the company closed its doors in 1995. The beloved brand no longer exists, but the catchy jingle lives on in the memories of many people in Flint Town.

Why don’t you sing it along with us?

Ready? Here we go!

I’m Slim Chiply, the guy you see on the Paramount Potato Chips bright red pack. I’m the flavor deputy, protecting crispness in every pack.They’re delicious, and so nutritious, Yes siree, they’re pips! Paramount Potato Chips!


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