No-Shave November Forgo your razor, raise funds for cancer


No-Shave November is about more than embracing your inner Charlie Chaplin or Grizzly Adams. It began in the U.S. as a Facebook campaign in 2009, and encourages men to grow out their facial hair for cancer fundraising.

The Hill family of Chicagoland began No-Shave November as a means to raise money for charity. According to, “It was a project that held special meaning for the eight Hill children after their father, Matthew Hill, passed away from colon cancer in November 2007.”

The concept of No-Shave November is to let your hair, which many undergoing cancer treatment lose, grow wild and free; then, donate the money typically spent on shaving and grooming to fund education about cancer prevention and aid those fighting the battle.
How can you participate?

You begin the month of November with a clean-shaven face, and then, let it go “natural.” Put away your razor and either set up an account on the No-Shave November fundraising page, or support someone else who does it.

As added encouragement, those who register and participate online have a chance to make the “Leaderboard” for those raising the most money in No-Shave November!

The organization states, “we raised over $2 million dollars to date and believe that together, anything is possible. We’ll get closer to eradicating cancer – one whisker at a time!”


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