National Hamburger Day! May 28, 2020


Thursday May 28, is National Hamburger Day — a celebration of America’s most iconic food. According to, Americans eat over 50 billion burgers a year, so it’s only fitting we set aside a whole day for these special sandwiches. There is nothing more delicious than the hamburger — a toasted bun, char-grilled beef patty, mustard, ketchup, onion and. pickles, and of course, don’t forget the cheese.

No one is quite sure about the origins of the hamburger, other than that it is eponymously named for the town of Hamburg in Germany. Louis’ Lunch, a hamburger restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut, claims to be the first restaurant to serve hamburgers and the oldest hamburger restaurant in the United States. It was opened as a small lunch wagon in 1895 and was one of the first places in the U.S. to serve steak sandwiches. The oldest hamburger restaurant chain in the U.S. is White Castle. The first White Castle restaurant opened in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921. The first McDonald’s restaurant didn’t open until 1948.

In Flint, the oldest and most famous burger was the Kewpee Hotel Kewpee Burger. The fast food chain originated in Flint and was founded by Samuel Blair in 1923.

How will you celebrate National Hamburger Day? There are many restaurants in the area open for takeout and delivery and of course, drive-thru, including Freakin’ Unbelievable Burgers, Halo Burger and Culver’s. Wahlburgers is open for takeout and delivery from 11am-7pm. Well known for their juicy and delicious burgers, The Corner Bar in Fenton is open for takeout.

You can also celebrate the occasion and enjoy this gorgeous, warm spring day by firing up the grill and cooking some char-grilled burgers for the family!


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