My City Speaks… About the Inaugural Issue



[twocol_one]”I read the story about Bernie and yes, my eyes welled up. I am a huge dog lover. The magazine is beautiful, classy and fun. Kendall Williams says the same!”
Joan Peirson

“I love it… I love the composition… It’s artsy.”
Kelli Irwin

“I was very impressed with what I saw and read. I wish you luck in this new venture and you should feel very proud of the content and product you’ve produced.”
Brian Mansour

“I don’t like it… I love it!”
Leslie LoBue Toldo

“This is a pretty rad magazine. Not just saying this because Flint City Derby Girls were featured in this issue, but that’s pretty cool, too!”
Alexis Vuckovich

“It was fantastic.”
Chris Hamilton

“Coverage of the FIM Auction was great—every page was very informative and the photography is beautiful. Just what this city needs. Positive, Positive, Positive.”
Peggy Hale

“The first issue of the magazine was fantastic. I can’t wait to see where you guys take it from here.”
Patrick Hayes

“The magazine has been getting rave reviews here on [Kettering] campus.”
Kirsten Proud

“I’m tickled pink about My City Magazine.”
Kitty[/twocol_one] [twocol_one last]”I am very pleased, not only with the FIM coverage, but that an effort like this came to fruition as a quality magazine we can be proud of. I know it was a lot of work on everyone’s part and we are happy to be involved, and benefit from your offerings.”
Andrew Ward

“The magazine is truly a tribute to Flint and a testament to a hardworking, dedicated staff.”
Dennis Fuller

“I wish my husband had lived to see this. He would always say, “Someday Flint is coming back.” All of you young people are doing a great job.”
Goldie Guerra

“My City – super in every way! I read every word – so much I didn’t know written in a way that was exhilarating and most of all made me so proud to be here. Best of all, every story is touching and reaches the spirit and soul of each of us. I am in the best mood right now, because of My City!”
Paul Torre

“The inaugural issue of My City Magazine truly captured the positive Spirit of Flint: past, present and future.

The cover featuring GM’s founders reminds me of Flint’s great history. Mr. Durant and Mr. Dort look like they’re thinking the words, ‘My City Magazine, you’re off to a great start–good job.’ I especially liked Jessica Pressley’s article ‘Life of a Salesman–Durant’s Beginning.’ I look forward to her next article in the series. The coverage of current community/social events and human interest stories showcased Flint at its very best, and the in-depth copy added life to the pictures.

I look forward to receiving the next issue of My City Magazine. I love to see Flint and the surrounding community – where I have worked and lived for 42 years–portrayed in such a positive light.

To the My City staff – thanks.”
Paul Wenstrom


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