My City Celebrates A Decade of Change


In June 2013, the debut issue of My City Magazine hit the streets and it was an immediate hit with readers throughout Greater Flint and Genesee County. That inaugural publication, sporting a cover graced with the beautiful historical statues of Billy Durant and J. Dallas Dort, was the beginning of ten years of positive stories and coverage of the great people and great things about Greater Flint. It opened with stories highlighting McLaren’s new Hospitality House, the Flint Soup start-up project, The Humane Society’s Paws on Parade fundraiser and the Hurley Miracle Dinner. Also in its pages were stories about the Flint Farmers’ Market, the Flint City Derby Girls and much more. MCM’s beloved history stories began with the tale of the man who drove a nation, the one and only Billy Durant. It was a magazine born to change the narrative and outside perceptions of Flint and for a decade – over 150 issues – Team My City has not wavered in that mission.

The Beginning

The statues of Billy Durant and J. Dallas Dort graced the front cover of My City Magazine’s inaugural issue.

Eleven years ago, My City Publisher Vince Lorraine had already been successfully publishing a nationally-circulated magazine since 1997. During his travels promoting that magazine across the country, he encountered a recurring question: “You have businesses in Flint, Michigan? Why?”

That question prompted the Flint native and veteran business owner, a public servant very involved in his community, to pursue creation of a high-quality city magazine … It was a void that needed to be filled. All great cities have a publication that brings awareness to local people and organizations working to move forward, improve lives and help their fellow citizens while also creating world class art, and having fun. At the same time, that publication needs articles that are well-written and attractively presented, relatable and engaging. Our heads are not buried in the sand; we’ve touched on tough subjects such as human trafficking, domestic violence and addiction – but → we’ve focused on stories that are positive and uplifting. Food, entertainment, sports, arts, music, history – the variety of content was already here; it just needed a vehicle to bring it to life and bring it to the people. Once again investing in the local economy with a goal of offering something truly special to the public, Lorraine launched My City Magazine in June 2013.

Through the last decade, readers have chimed in with story ideas, kudos and encouragement. You have responded to us about the stories, series and special sections you have enjoyed the most.


The Stories

When it came to finding content for the pages of MCM, it was simple: If it happened, we covered it! My City was there for nearly every milestone and big event in Greater Flint over the last decade. Highlights include:

  • Karen Weaver became Flint’s first female mayor.
  • The new Flint Farmers’ Market relocated and opened.
  • The New Flint Public Library and Sloan Museum of Discovery opened.
  • The Flint Firebirds, Flint City Bucks, Flint City AFC and Flint United Teams were formed.
  • The Flint Cultural Center Academy welcomed its first students.
  • Buckham Gallery moved Downtown.
  • UM Flint’s Murchie Science Building Expansion and Kettering’s Learning Commons were completed.
  • The Capitol Theatre and Hilton Garden Inn Hotel were renovated and opened.
  • The Flint Elks celebrated 150 years.
  • The Flint Symphony Orchestra, Kettering University, Golden Leaf Club, Applewood Estate and United Way of Genesee County celebrated a century of community enrichment.
  • The Flint Community Players and Mott Community College celebrated 90th Anniversaries.
  • Northwestern High School and St. Michael’s Church closed their doors.
  • The Genesee Towers building was demolished.
  • The Flint Public Art Project launched.
  • Mott Foundation reached a $1 billion grant milestone.



Community leaders, artists, athletes … MCM has profiled hundreds of exceptional people.


Some of our most requested and read content includes:
  • “Greater Flint’s Best Dressed” Feature
  • Annual “Cityzen of the Year” Feature
  • Annual City’s Choice Awards
  • Genesee County High School’s Top Athletes
  • Monthly “My Haps” Event Coverage
  • Annual Home & Garden Section
  • My City Cares Special Section
  • The “Greater Flint Sports Greats” Series
  • “Flint Through the Decades” Series
  • “History of Genesee County Cities” Series

Many published authors have contributed great articles over the years – Andrew Heller, and the late Ed Bradley and Peter C. Cavanaugh to name a few. Staff Writer Cheryl Dennison started with us on Day One, and we have been blessed to work with an abundance of talented writers and contributors, graphic designers and photographers, including our present small-but-mighty team.

In addition, there have been hundreds of articles contributed by local veteran writers, media personalities, experts in fields including economics and finance, local business owners and more. We are grateful to everyone who has had a role in making My City great.


From sporting events to fundraisers and festivals – My City is there!


The Journey

For ten years, My City has had a front-row seat for the resurgence and growth of Greater Flint. We have published through the lows of the water crisis and pandemic (we missed two issues due to lockdown), the hope created by the Downtown renovations, and we continue to be present for the unveiling of the community’s future. We have been honored to meet and speak with the best and brightest of the area as they strive to help Greater Flint and others succeed. We have been there for nearly every charitable event and fundraiser. MCM has been everywhere – and we would like to thank Greater Flint for being so accepting of our team, our mission and our product.

After a decade, it is amazing to see that new stories and growth continue to emerge every day in our little spot in Michigan; this is a testament to all of the hardworking, caring and imaginative people in Greater Flint who dream of building a better community. MCM will be present for every step taken forward, every new idea, every champion and every impactful cause.

My City is our city. It’s your city. Cheers to another ten years!


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