Make it NEW!


Rather than continuing the old New Year’s traditions of sipping bubbly and watching the “ball” drop, consider shaking the celebration up a bit. It’s YOUR New Year’s … make it NEW!

Consider these traditions from around the world – perhaps, they will inspire you to come up with your own; make it mean something to you.

♦ In Spain, they eat 12 grapes during the final 12-second countdown for good luck.

♦ In Estonia, they just EAT. Those who can eat seven meals on New Year’s Day will have an abundant year. (The tradition used to include 12 meals – so, come on, you can handle seven, right?)

If eating isn’t your idea of a celebration, consider these traditions:

♦ In Ecuador, they burn effigies. What began as the burning of scarecrows as a way to burn away any bad luck from the past year, has become increasingly more … politically charged. (We’ll leave it at that.)

♦ In Denmark, they break dishes. Now this one sounds like fun! Throughout the year, they save their old plates and then on New Year’s, smash them on the doorsteps of family and friends. The larger the pile of shards you have to sweep up, the more people like you.

♦ In Johannesburg, South Africa, rather than plates, they throw old furniture out of their windows. Out with the old, in with the new!

♦ In Peru, people box with their neighbors to settle longstanding quarrels. Sounds like a therapeutic way to begin the New Year, if both parties are interested.
If none of these sounds appealing, there’s a great, big world of ideas out there to explore. Be safe and have a Happy New Year!




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