From the Publisher October 2017


Dear Readers,

As I write this letter, it’s been officially fall for several days … and I’m still wearing flip-flops! I’ve always felt that life is really a little better in flip-flops. I hope the unusually warm weather allowed you to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of our short, but fantastic Michigan summer.

The final weeks of summer were certainly great for the many annual events that take place in Greater Flint. We have 16 pages covering these events, with faces of hundreds of people making the most of their city and raising funds for many worthy causes. Did we snap YOU?

That being said, I know we’ve all been thinking about how life has changed for so many people after the disasters in the southern U.S., the Caribbean, Puerto Rico and Mexico. Despite all the sad news, it’s inspiring to hear stories of people stepping up to help their fellow humans – just like we do here in Flint.

We enjoy sharing stories about people reaching out to each other, and there are many. I was moved by Lisa Briggs’ piece about the Re-connections program that helps formerly incarcerated men return to society with a new, positive direction.
People are working to improve literacy in the area; others help those who are fostering kids in need and giving them better lives. I’ve given a lot to my community over the years – it’s given much to me – and some of these people make me feel like I haven’t done enough. They give from their hearts and it’s truly inspiring.

Of course, we hit all the usual highlights – Arts, Eats, Music, Sports, and stories of community involvement that you’ll only find in MCM. We’ve got updates on Downtown renovation projects that are important to Flint’s revitalization.

Also important are the life-enriching arts programs that are available to every member of our community. We checked in on a busy day for Flint School of Performing Arts Director, Davin Pierson Torre, when many students were benefitting from the opportunities offered at this exceptional institution.

MCM has always focused on the positive things about Greater Flint – you can always find negative news in other outlets. We’ve also informed readers about many serious issues affecting Greater Flint residents. In keeping with our mission, our inaugural “Greater Flint’s Best Dressed” campaign got overwhelming response! It’s just for fun … find details about voting for the nominees on October 23rd.

Thanks for reading


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