From the Publisher May 2022


Dear Readers,

I think this month’s issue is definitely coffee table-worthy! We have highlighted so many local artists and always appreciate the opportunity to create such beautiful covers with their works. See more from talented watercolor artist Denise Willing-Booher.

The first features in our magazine are always headed “My Community” and that’s because the Flint community is abundant with people and organizations with great stories to share. I think they call that job security …

In our “7 Questions” spotlight Terry Katzur, who stepped into the role of President/CEO of ELGA Credit Union in February. He started his career with the company in 1996 as a co-op student and is only the third CEO since ELGA was founded in 1951 – impressive! Also profiled is Radio Free Flint, a podcast hosted by my friend Arthur Busch. While he now lives in the Sunshine State, his deep affection for Flint endures.

While there will be many things happening in Flint this spring and summer, we all have to get out of town once in a while. We compiled some interesting and fun (and weird) suggestions for “Day Trips & Destinations”.

One thing you can put on your calendar through the spring and summer is watching some top-notch soccer action right here at Atwood Stadium! We highlight the new Flint City AFC women’s soccer team – they’ve assembled some young superstars who are ready to entertain Greater Flint and win some games.

Finally, our “History of Flint Mayors” series continues; read about the mayor who was not only the youngest municipal executive ever elected in Flint, but also the man who commissioned the construction of the now iconic Saginaw Street arches in … it’s a great story.

There’s much more to enjoy in this issue – thanks for reading!


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