Did you know May is National Bike Month?


According to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, more children ages 5-14 go to the ER for bicycle-related injuries than any other sport. Here are a few safety reminders!


1). Wear a bike helmet – protect your noggin! The helmet should fit snug and low on your forehead 1-2 finger-lengths above your eyebrows. Adjust the side straps and chin straps to keep the helmet in place. No more than 1 or 2 fingers should fit under the chin strap. Yawn big – the helmet should pull down on your head when you yawn. Make sure the helmet doesn’t rock back and forth easily. Take extra time to help kids make sure their helmet fits correctly.


2). Does your bike fit you? There should be 1-2 inches between you and the top bar of a road bike or 3-4 inches if using a mountain bike. The seat should be level. You should be able to slightly bend the knee when the leg is fully extended.


3). Before riding, check the air in your tires and make sure those brakes are in good working order. Wear brightly-colored clothing and avoid dark colors so that you can easily be seen when riding on the road. Use reflective tape or a flashing light on your bike.


4). Maintain eye contact with vehicle drivers. When passing other cyclists or walkers, say “on your left” to alert them of your approach. Watch out for hazards such as potholes, loose gravel and dogs.


5). When going on longer rides, remember to bring a water bottle and snacks!


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