Crowning Glory Bridal Hair Styles


Once the gown is chosen, a bride has many more decisions about her look for the Big Day – her hairstyle is at the top of the list! Here are a few trends for 2017:

Long, cascading curls can be both sexy-playful and retro-chic, depending on the accessories. Hair extensions can be used to achieve the look.

The timeless elegance of retro and vintage looks is a big trend. A sleek style can be embellished with sparkly pins or worn unadorned for simple glamour.

Bridal hairstyles that feature braids have become popular in recent years. They can be whimsical and fun with a natural, “messy” look, or added to accent a smooth and classic style with a single, tighter plait.

The modern, fishtail braid captures a bohemian look. Braids can also be combined with loose curls, ethereal hair jewelry or a romantic flower wreath to create something unique.



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