A Unique Opportunity 2021 Ballenger Eminent Persons Lecture Series


John Quiñones

On April 1, Mott Community College will present author and award-winning journalist John Quiñones as the first lecturer of the 2021 Ballenger Eminent Persons Lecture Series.

Quinones is perhaps best known for hosting ABC television’s situational hidden camera program, What Would You Do? which he also created. When faced with an ethical or moral dilemma, do you always do the right thing? What if there was a camera watching? Does the camera change your decision? Will it change the decision-making process of others? The popular program first aired in 2008.

Dr. Dalton Connally

MCC’s Head of the Social Work Department, Dr. Dalton Connally, is the current Lecture Series Chair and couldn’t be more excited to bring Quiñones to the series. “He presents topics that are highly relevant to the kind of questions and atmosphere we are dealing with socially,” she says. “He is a great speaker, dynamic and engaging, and provides a different way of thinking about the decisions we make. As a world, we could use a new perspective.”

Sponsored by MCC and the Mott Foundation, the MCC Ballenger Lecture Series was established by, and named for, benefactor William S. Ballenger, Sr., 55 years ago and is one of Greater Flint’s most-hidden opportunities. The purpose of the series is to give back to the community by providing different ways of looking at life that may change the way we view our everyday endeavors. Lectures are focused on current topics of the time, with past presenters including rocket scientist Werner Von Braun, journalists Alistair Cooke and Peter Jennings, art critic Stanley Kaufman, author William Buckley, activist Julian Bond, musician Patti Smith and others. Connally feels that the upcoming lecture is a perfect fit. “John Quiñones speaks of high moral fiber and has had an amazing journey through life,” she says. “He grew up as a migrant worker, coming with his family to Traverse City from San Antonio yearly to get by, and he achieved great success. His lecture will focus on his voyage, establishing a good moral compass and on helping folks make good individual choices.”

The Quiñones Lecture can be viewed at 6pm on April 1 via free livestream at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=43UACQReycQ

The lecture is open to the general public and will be the first of two 2021 presentations. Currently, Stephanie Land, author of “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay,” and a “Mother’s Will to Survive” is on deck to be the second scheduled for the fall.

“This is an excellent opportunity to listen to one of the country’s most dynamic speakers for free,” adds Connally. “Don’t miss it!”


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